You Don’t Just Need a Gorgeous Website, You Need a Gorgeous Website That Converts.

Custom Design

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Daily Automated


24/7 Lead Capture.

Advanced Email Marketing Integration

We will install various lead capture methods on your website in strategic areas to seize visitors and send them into your sales funnel.

Chat Bots

We can implement the latest chat bot strategies to seize leads with Facebook chat and give you the ability to seduce those leads with staggering open rates of over 80%.

Live Chat

If you don’t have live sales chat installed on your website, you’re leaving sales on the table. We’ll get you fixed up – you don’t even need a sales team to make it effective.

Calendar, Scheduling, & Contact Integration

Contact forms are old school. Put leads directly into your sales funnel without the annoying step of sending emails back and forth.

Dedicated Landing Pages

We’ll skyrocket conversion rates by building individual web pages specifically designed to “squeeze” visitors into taking a specific action.

Retargeting Pixels & Facebook Custom Audiences

We’ll track every visitor to your site with a Facebook ad pixel and segment them into custom audiences so we can target them with personalized follow up ads.

Data-driven conversion optimization will make you lots of money…

Most websites are built purely on aesthetics. And once they’re built, they just sit there – no iterations, testing, or optimization. This is a huge mistake.

Let’s say you have a typical “good looking website” that converts general traffic to email capture at 3% and to sales at 1%. For every 1000 visitors you get, you’ll earn 30 email subscribers and 10 sales. If your average sale price is $500, that’s $5,000 in revenue.


But what would happen if you worked with us to actively build your site based on proven strategy and data?

With a SixFig Media-built site, those rates could improve to 8% for email capture and 3% for sales in a very short amount of time. That’s 80 email subscribers and 30 sales. That’s $15,000 in revenue.

A $10,000 difference in revenue, month-after-month, means a $120,000 revenue difference at the end of the year. Your current website could be costing you six-figures in revenue. This is why smart companies know they can’t afford to not work with us.

24/7 Revenue Generation.

Visitor Segmenting

We’ll use on-page segmentation strategies to get your visitors to exactly what they’re looking for and convert them at that point.

High-Converting Sales Pages

Selling online is very different from selling on the phone or in person. We build dedicated pages that most, if not all, of the sales process.

High-Converting, Secure Checkout Pages

If your product or service can be sold online, we’ll setup high-converting checkout pages to making ordering fast, easy, and secure.

Full Scale E-Commerce & Checkout Funnels

We’ll build you an intelligent e-commerce site complete with upsells, cross-sells, downsells, and order bumps. And we’ll integrate it seamlessly with automated sales and follow-up funnels.

We built a website for a martial arts school that generates six-figures every year.

Before working with SixFig Media, an Atlanta martial arts school was only doing offline marketing and phone scheduling for trial classes.

We built a site for them that was designed to segment visitors into specific buckets based on classes offered.

We influenced visitor behavior toward scheduling a free trial class through an online booking system that integrated with their new studio management software.

We also created 2-week and 4-week paid trial options that visitors could purchase directly through the website via a secure checkout system.

Over the course of the year, the site generated hundreds of free and paid trials from traffic generated from organic search and Google pay-per-click. Best of all, it required no extra staff to manage. In fact, it streamlined their process and freed up time and resources.