You Don’t Just Need an Email List, You Need an Automated Funnel That Sells for You Automatically.

Automated Funnel

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Email Funnel

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Your 24/7 automated sales team.

Segment Your Leads.

Most companies have more than one buyer persona. We’ll increase your conversion rates by segmenting your leads so your sales process speaks to each buyer type independently.

Seduce Your Leads.

Once your leads are segmented, we’ll hit them with a strategic sequence of personalized messages that nurture them until their mouth is watering for what you offer.

Close Your Leads.

When a lead is ready to become a buyer we’ll convert them automatically through your website or put them on the phone with a member of your sales team (optional).

Count Your Money.

Our mission is simple – don’t leave a single dollar on the table. You won’t just have more revenue to work with, you’ll have more time on your hands to invest in other areas.

It’s all about the funnel…

Most companies hope that people will come to their website and buy what they sell. If that doesn’t happen, Plan B is to hope that they’ll submit an inquiry so a team member can follow up with them and close the deal.

That process works well for people who are itching to buy. Unfortunately, that’s only a small percentage of people who visit your website.

Winning businesses know that they have to seduce most people who visit their site into buying – a process that can take days, weeks, and even months.

Without a sales team, manually seducing leads creates a lot of work for you. Even if you have a good sales team, manual nurturing is expensive, difficult, and hurts close rates.

What if we could solve this entire problem for you with an automated system? What if we could seduce every lead you capture and close them without any effort on your part?

If you have a sales team, what what would happen if we put leads on the phone with them at the exact time they’re ready to be closed?

Owning an automated funnel is like owning a 24/7 printing press.

We grew a fitness brand from $0 in online revenue to six-figures in a single year.

Rebooted Body launched online in January 2013 with no traffic and no online revenue.

SixFig Media provided a custom, high-converting website, content and influencer marketing strategies, keyword research, search engine optimization techniques, and…most importantly… a custom automated sales funnel.

With no paid advertising and no sales team, Rebooted Body was attracting over 100,000 unique visitors per month and doing over six-figures in online revenue by January 2014 with over 2/3 of their sales coming through automated funnels.

They continue to grow revenue year-after-year with a 90% automated sales process.

100% tailored to your business & market.

No sales team required.

You don’t need a sales team to make our strategies and tactics work. If you already have a sales team, that’s okay too – we’ll skyrocket their close rates.

No complicated technology to learn (unless you want to).

We’ll handle the tech side of everything for you. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, we can teach you.

Data-driven strategy.

Your funnel isn’t built on theory, it’s built on data. We’ll test multiple strategies and let real-world data choose the winner.

Set it and forget it.

Once your funnel is fully optimized, you can set it and forget it – it’ll generate revenue for you at all hours of the day (and night).