Your Website Doesn’t Need More Traffic, it Needs More of the Right Traffic.

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Search Engine




Grow big with targeted organic traffic.

Keyword Research

We find out what your ideal buyers are searching for so we can optimize your website to rank for those keywords, phrases, and search terms.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll move you up the rankings in Google, Bing, and other top search engines to open up the flood gates of targeted, free traffic.

Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to driving organic traffic and leads. We’ll map out a unique content strategy for each top-performing traffic source.

Proactive Promotion

We’ll identify existing communities and networks and partner with them to promote your website to thousands of their followers.

We grew a parenting website from 500 visitors per month to 25,000 per month in 1 year with no paid advertising.

Revolutionary Parent is an alternative parenting and education blog. They worked with us to grow their traffic in preparation for creating and selling online courses and 1-1 parenting consultations.

We developed an entire content marketing strategy for Revolutionary Parent primarily centered around articles, email, and a parenting podcast.

We also created a VIP Facebook group strategy and recruited micro-influencers.

In less than a year we took Revolutionary Parent from 500 unique visitors per month to 25,000 unique visitors per month without spending a single dollar on advertising.

Convert like crazy with paid traffic.

Google PPC

We’ll target specific keywords that reveal buyer intent to create a steady stream of traffic and leads at the lowest possible cost.

Facebook Ads

We’ll use advanced audience targeting strategies and high-converting ad design to bring buyers into your sales or nurture funnel.

Visitor Retargeting

We’ll use intelligent retargeting to put the right offer in front of the right people at the right time for ultra-high conversion rates.

Micro-Influencer Recruiting

We’ll actively recruit “micro influencers” who share the same target market to put you in front of tens of thousands of ideal customers.

We helped a brand new fence company get 5 to 10 leads per week with paid digital advertising.

Before working with SixFig Media, leads for Peachtree Fence & Gates were coming exclusively from referrals.

The owners wanted to leverage the online space to create a steadier and more predictable stream of leads.

After developing a high-converting website, we used Google PPC advertising and Facebook retargeting campaigns to start driving 5 to 10 leads per week into their sales pipeline.

Peachtree Fence & Gates is currently closing over 60% of those leads and now has a 6-week waiting list, proving that we’re attracting serious buyers and not generic traffic.